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To explore this concept, consider the following superseding cause definition. To break this down, consider that very few occurrences happen in a vacuum.

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Quinn files a civil lawsuit against Brenda because she ran the stop sign and hit him. In this example, the superseding cause was the tow truck running into the already damaged vehicle.

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This need not be the cause closest in time to the incident, nor even the first event to set off a sequence of events leading to the injury. Proximate cause produces a consequences that is foreseeable, or even expected. For instance, a house fire is a foreseeable consequence of allowing a young child to play with matches.

Manny puts the horse in a pen has a section of fence that is damaged, and falling apart. During a thunder storm, the horse is spooked, and runs through the damaged section, breaking his leg so severely that he has to be put down. In this situation, a horse kept in a damaged corral is quite likely to escape, or to be injured.

Former officials tangled in count superseding indictment in Weslaco bribery conspiracy | KGBT

In this case, Manny cannot escape liability, even though there was an intervening cause. A superseding cause is very similar to an intervening cause, in that it refers to a subsequent event that causes, or adds to the severity of, the damages. It is different, however, in that the subsequent event is something that could not be foreseen as a consequence. She submitted materials that were reviewed. They engaged in discussions of the materials, and she asked for help from WikiLeaks to protect her identity. They employed privacy tools to try and avoid detection by military or government authorities.

What Assange did with Manning is fairly standard in journalism.

#JulianAssange: Martyr, Test Case Defendant, Publisher, Victim, Lesson, Scapegoat, Sacrificial Lamb

Perhaps that is why media organizations and press freedom groups unanimously opposed the decision to charge Assange with Espionage Act offenses. Yet, that is exactly why the government will not withdraw the subpoena against her.

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  • The government knows it is unlikely to succeed in prosecuting Assange unless they undercut the truth Manning asserted in a military court. They must abuse the grand jury process and use confinement and steep financial penalties to force her testimony. She has to be tripped up or baited into making statements useful against Assange or else all they have is a preposterous conspiracy theory that not even the anti-leaks Obama administration was willing to pursue.

    Few would dispute that governments may need to keep certain data secret in the interest of national security. The Espionage Act does not concern itself with such quibbles, however; it comes down wholeheartedly on the side of secrecy and national security. Still, during the hundred-year lifetime of the act, the government has been able to use it to restrict freedom of speech; imprison anti-war activists, socialists, anarchists, communists, and ideological whistle-blowers; and help to destroy numerous progressive organizations and publications.

    Moreover, who knows how many people have been dissuaded from speaking or acting politically because of the harsh penalties inflicted on some defendants.

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    • Eugene Debs was sentenced to 10 years at the age of 63, Emma Goldman was imprisoned for two years and then deported, both Rosenbergs were executed, Rosenberg co-defendant Morton Sobell was given 30 years and sent to Alcatraz, Chelsea Manning suffered prison conditions verging on torture and received a year sentence later commuted. The 17 Espionage Act charges in the indictment can be grouped in three categories.

      The second category includes counts two through Buy the Legal English Dictionary.

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      The foggy weather was the superseding cause of the car accident. This is a limited preview! To see an example of a full dictionary entry click one of the example entries jurisdiction consideration principal. Phrase Bank.