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The messages may or may not be solicited by the recipients. Transactional SMS is used to send OTPs, informational messages, booking and order alerts to your registered customers. They should not be intended for marketing. It should correspond with your business or product name.

How much does bulk SMS cost? How to send bulk SMS online? Easily enrich your campaigns - personalize with merge fields, insert short links, attach files, send surveys and more! Use the Content Diagram for creating an overview of the content of your project diagrams in a single location. We do feel strong about MagicDraw. We are receiving a lot of positive feedback every day and that is no surprise.

Try our demo and you will forget all other tools you have worked with before. So, what is so special about MagicDraw? No matter what your position is, if you are involved into the software development you may find MagicDraw useful in your day-to-day activities. Click your position below to see what benefits you may get from MagicDraw:.

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Don't be afraid if you don't know UML 2. Every time you miss something in class diagrams, MagicDraw will check the correctness of the UML model and prompt you for changes, before any code gets generated. MagicDraw Enterprise represents the top of the line of the MagicDraw family of products and represents the ultimate solution for all your modeling needs. It is a must when working with multiple development technologies and databases.

For working with DB structures, MagicDraw Enterprise not only provides code engineering and diagramming but also provides structure retrieval via JDBC, thus allowing the easy addition of a new database structure to the model and updating of the model.

Only MagicDraw Enterprise provides full access to the new generation WebPortal report: an interactive web view of your model. The MagicDraw family of award-winning products represents the most powerful and best value in the UML modeling industry today. MagicDraw Architect is specially packaged to provide the optimal price and technical features necessary for architects that do not need the full capabilities of MagicDraw Enterprise. This edition combines the common functionality of MagicDraw Standard together with some powerful options from MagicDraw Enterprise.

With the first in industry visual model differencing feature, the MagicDraw Architect provides the unique capability to see the changes between two different versions of a model. This metrics calculating approach allows creating metric suites, calculating metrics according to given parameters, saving the results in table and recalculating your metrics with new parameters without losing old results.

Starting with MagicDraw Architect edition the validation feature is included. Validation checks the model for correctness and completeness, displays errors in the model and suggests solutions. Active validation allows this functionality instantly. Multicoloured highlighting of warnings and errors on diagrams and matrixes brings any issue to attention. In addition to MagicDraw Standard's features, the MagicDraw Professional adds code generation and reverse engineering functionality.

Depending on the language version selected, the user will receive:. MagicDraw Professional is ideal for anyone who wants to generate code out of an existing model or to create a UML model from an existing project. The Domain Specific Language customization engine allows adapting MagicDraw tool to the specific domain e.

The MagicDraw Standard is available in standalone, floating and mobile license versions and is fully compatible with the MagicDraw Teamwork Server. The MagicDraw Standard is ideally suited for all analysts and architects who need various model extensions and modeling facilitations. Files are stored in XMI format. In this edition, you will find everything you need to draw, edit and publish your UML 2.

MagicDraw Personal is available only in a standalone version and is not designed for use with the MagicDraw Teamwork Server or with any Plugins. It is extremely useful when you want to share ideas expressed in UML with partners, colleagues, or clients, who do not have a copy of MagicDraw. This edition is also equipped with printing and image export capabilities. Download MagicDraw Reader. UML web portal sample in Cameo Collaborator. Generic Table sample 7 Kb. Metric Table sample 44 Kb. Teamwork Cloud is No Magic's next generation repository for collaborative development and version model storage.

It is envisioned and architected to provide significant future improvements in the areas of model-governance, model analysis and integration with third-party tools. As the name suggest, this server is Cloud-ready, that can be deployed on a local hardware VM or on a Cloud. Teamwork Server makes it easy to exchange data directly in the context of your work.

It provides a central repository for storing any kind of models. Using Teamwork Server, team members can access, review, or modify the same model or even the same diagram at the same time. It supports importing, exporting, updating, branching or comparing in-server-stored models. Server data and configuration can be managed through a separate administrative console with a minimal technical knowledge and effort. Model Merge enables copying changes between different project versions.

This functionality is usually needed when there are several branches that reflect different releases or versions of the product, e. Merge functionality in MagicDraw works both on file system files and projects stored in MagicDraw Teamwork server. The notation includes performance, collaboration, and business transactions in your business between organizations. The SysML plugin includes SysML specific menus, toolbars, diagrams, specifications, user interface, reports, dependency matrices, validation suites, refactoring methods and more.

With this plugin, MagicDraw adds support for additional specification, analysis, design, and validation of a broad range of systems and system integrations. It allows validating system behavior by executing, animating, and debugging UML Statemachine and UML Activity models in the context of realistic mock-ups of the intended user interface.

Read More. No Magic fully supports all architectural framework products ensuring you achieve mission results. No Magic also leads the industry in usability and interoprability, ensuring that you avoid unnecessary cost, schedule and performance risk. Generation and reverse engineering of XML schema files is supported. Events Webinars. Buy MagicDraw. For more information or a quote please contact sales nomagic.

Download Trial Version. Industry standards-compliance and support MagicDraw supports the UML 2 metamodel, the latest XMI standard for data storage and the most popular programming languages for implementation. Independence from specific development methodology MagicDraw provides independence from any specific software development process, conforming nicely to your company process; allowing centralization of business and process modeling, requirements capture and design.

Usability, intuitiveness and quick start MagicDraw provides intuitive controls within a very well designed GUI which allows users to model without having to spend time learning about the controls. Collaboration and team development Using MagicDraw's Teamwork Server , multiple developers can work simultaneously on the same model. Key Benefits We do feel strong about MagicDraw. No Magic listens to you. Since No Magic is a middle size software company, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness to customer feedback. We always welcome your suggestions. Ease of use. Since most of the new features are implemented per user request, MagicDraw is extremely well adapted to the habits of the user.

The learning is straightforward and learning period is short. Free Support. Even if you haven't purchased MagicDraw yet, MagicDraw support team is here to help you and will answer your questions in 24 hours period. Once purchased you can use the same software on several operating systems - without additional cost. Two kinds of client editions are available.

Floating licenses lets you to save significantly if you have multiple developers that you need to use MagicDraw for a short periods of time. The teamwork server price is variable and depends on the number of users you need to work with the repository simultaneously. Software Assurance Contracts.

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Pattern Generator. Are you bored of the defining all methods that are defined in the interfaces your classes are realizing? Maybe you feel lazy to add tedious code of setters and getters? MagicDraw may do this for you. From version 6. You can write your own patters with Java or JPython also. Code Generation. You've constructed a detailed system design. Now it's time to begin coding. And since MagicDraw also enables script creation for all major databases, database structure design has never been so easy. JavaDoc and other Custom Comments. MagicDraw can insert JavaDoc tags into method and attribute header comments during the source code generation.

Programmer may also choose one of the four available comment styles and enter custom file header that is placed in the beginning of every source code file. Code Engineering Sets. You may group classes together with their components into collections called "code engineering sets". The code engineering set helps you to keep your classes and source code synchronized. You may reverse engineer or generate the code for a whole set at once. Also you may specify different properties for each code engineering set: location of the source code files and code generation properties.

Round-trip Engineering. Besides the source code generation and reverse engineering, MagicDraw allows parallel changes to the both source code and UML model. With the help of round-trip engineering technique, MagicDraw synchronizes those changes - new methods and attributes in the source code are added to the UML model and new items in the UML to the source code. No Tool Specific Comments. Handful of the modeling tools in the marketplace generates source code from the UML 2.

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The problem is that in most cases the code contains various tool specific comments that cannot be changed nor deleted. MagicDraw is not the case. Not any single character is inserted for the code generation synchronization. MagicDraw performs source code reverse engineering before the generation, in order to synchronize changes in the source code with the changes in the UML 2. Integration with leading Java IDEs. And don't worry about synchronization - leave that to us! MagicDraw makes it easy to model all aspects of your system: requirements, static structure, deployment structure, activities, states, detailed action sequences, and much more.

Support of Extendable UML 2.

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If analyst or designer decides that he or she needs some new model element for instance specific class type for GUI components he or she may extend UML by adding its own stereotypes, constraints, tagged values and even new appearance of the model element in the diagram gif images can be attached to the specific stereotypes for a different display. Different fill colors and fonts may be used for this purpose as well. Custom appearance for diagram elements can be defined using SVG or bitmap images. Whenever you are identifying use cases it is very convenient to associate a use case with an activity, sequence or some other diagram for a reference.

MagicDraw lets you to associate any kind of diagram with a use case, package, and subsystem - you may open it by simple double-click. Source Code Reverse Engineering. If you have lots of unknown source code and want to get an idea what's in there, the source code reverse engineering is exactly what you need. Model Analysis Facilities. Consider you do have a huge OO model with lots of dependencies, large class hierarchies and would like to change method B in a class A. How do you know what elements of the model will be influenced? MagicDraw is here to help you!

You may select any model element and find out all other elements classes, packages, etc. The dependency criteria also can be customized, it may be any combination of the following: association, inheritance, or realization relationship, class used as attribute type or operation parameter.

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MagicDraw can find out all subclasses of the selected class and generate a new class diagram that shows the whole class hierarchy of derived classes. MagicDraw generates a package dependency diagram. A list of packages is analyzed upon dependencies between contained classes. Quality assurance engineer usually uses automated testing tools.

Nevertheless he or she needs to define a strategy for structural and functional tests. Use case diagram is a tool for the test modeling.

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JUnit pattern will create a framework for test classes. Benefits for the Technical Writer Eliminates tedious document preparation with automatic report generation. With Jython you can easily customize reports to fit your internal standards. Image Generation. If you are writing a use case specification, technical design description or any other document that needs to be enriched by UML diagrams you don't need to complicate your life doing screen shots and pasting them in Microsoft Word or any other editor.

Different Fonts and Colors. MagicDraw lets you to customize the appearance of the model element.

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You can change the font, its size and color as well as the pen and fill colors of the model element displayed on the diagram. You can have few predefined styles you can apply for one or more model elements. Every developer may instantly obtain the newest version of the model; everybody is allowed to work in parallel on its own part.

No need to merge separate XMI files by hand. Simpler Configuration Management. All designs are stored in a single place, there are no more files that are scattered around in the network; changes can be introduced orderly and without conflicts. Controlled Access to Your Artifacts. Different people in the project may have different access levels to the projects stored in the teamwork server repository. Remote Access. No matter where you are, if you are connected to the Internet you may work with the model that is stored in the repository.

A project manager may provide read only or full access to the repository for the overseas developers, customers, subcontractors, management, and other interested parties. Better Software Documentation. Developers can produce instant screenshot of the current code using reverse engineering of Java, Java Bytecode, C ,. Flexible pricing schema, volume discounts. Biggest bang per buck - wise alternative. Upgrade to a new version is just a fraction of the cost for existing customers.

New versions and bug fixes are published every quarter and are available for a fixed cost maintenance contract. Price Scalability. No matter what hardware and OS your developers have, it is very likely that MagicDraw can run on it. Team communication is better when members discuss their designs using UML diagrams.

After all, "A picture is worth a thousand words. Shorter Software Development Lifecycle. MagicDraw's CASE feature saves you time and resources by automating the otherwise manual work of writing code framework. Moreover, your software developers can go back and forth from model to code using round-trip engineering features - your team won't incur the burden of dramatic code changes.

Screenshots Activity Diagram. Overview MagicDraw Editions MagicDraw Enterprise MagicDraw Enterprise represents the top of the line of the MagicDraw family of products and represents the ultimate solution for all your modeling needs.