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History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Wyatt Earp

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Wyatt Earp

Lake, Wyatt Earp's biographer, chose to ignore the facts. Ford's Doc Holliday is a surgeon, from Boston no less, who dies at the end of the gunfight. Doc graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery on March 1st, , not the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, an error mistakenly repeated by many authors. John H. Holliday's thesis was titled "Diseases of the Teeth. Philip Fitzgerald, the uncle-in-law of Robert Kennedy Holliday one of Doc's uncles was the great-grandfather of "Gone With the Wind" author Margaret Mitchell, but wait - it gets better. Doc, like most of his male Holliday cousins, stood nearly 6 feet tall.

Doc was fair-haired, a platinum blond so said Virgil's wife, Allie, upon meeting him for the first time, not dark-haired as most surviving and probably doctored photos show. Wyatt described him as "long, lean and ash blond.

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Doc's weapon of choice early in his western career was an Colt Navy revolver given him by his uncle, one of four. The remaining three pistols were given by Uncle John to his own sons. Later Doc carried a nickel-plated. Never was Holliday's weapon of choice a shotgun, let alone the. He used a shotgun at the Tombstone gunfight because Virgil handed it to him. Being slightly built and not in robust health, the idea of Holliday's weapon of choice being a shotgun with its wicked kick is ludicrous. In Stuart Lake's Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshal, Wyatt states, "Doc Holliday never carried a sawed-off shotgun into a fight but once in his life and upon this one occasion the Tombstone gunfight he threw the gun down in disgust after firing one shot and jerked the nickel-plated Colt's which was for years his favorite weapon.

Doc was an award-winning dentist. Holliday took all three awards - "best set of teeth in gold," "the best in Vulcanized rubber" and "the best set of artificial teeth and dental ware. Upon visiting an old acquaintance of his, saloon owner John Shanssey, Wyatt is introduced to Doc Holliday. The rest, as they say, is history. The couple remains together, off and on, until Doc's death ten year later.

Doc did not engage in violent behavior against his live-in love, Kate. This supposed truth was promulgated by an author, he who shall not be named, whose works were published under the guise of being non-fiction; it turns out this was a hoax. However, much of this fiction lives on, unfortunately for Doc's reputation. Big Nose Kate was well-educated and came from a fine Hungarian family; her father was a physician. Doc must have found her to be as pleasant a surprise in the often crude surroundings he was forced to endure as she did him. Although Kate stated on more than one occasion that she and Doc were legally married, no license exists.

A photograph showing a heavy set, coarse-featured woman with wavy hair is often ascribed to as being the likeness of Big Nose Kate. It is not Kate Elder, but a prostitute known as Nosey Kate. Doc actively practiced dentistry in Dodge City taking out this ad in the local newspaper.

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Holliday, Dentist, very respectfully offers his professional services to the citizens of Dodge City and surrounding country during the summer. Office at room No. Where satisfaction is not given money will be refunded. Doc was not the prolific killer myth has alleged. Proof points to the fact he killed only one man for sure, Tom McLaury at the Tombstone gunfight near the O. However, by his own admission to Ike Clanton, whether the truth or just a ploy to goad Ike to action, Doc also killed Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clanton while a member of Wyatt Earp's federal posse in Guadalupe Canyon in August of while in pursuit of cattle rustlers.

You're a daisy if you have! Doc was wounded by Frank McLaury. Years later Wyatt gave this account of the matter. With a quick drop he shot McLaury in the head. At the same instant McLaury's gun flashed and Doc Holliday was shot in the hip. Doc spent two plus weeks in a Tombstone jail in the company of Wyatt while both awaited a hearing pertaining to the October 26th, gunfight. They, as well as Virgil and Morgan Earp, were acquitted.

Wyatt Earp

According to the statement of presiding Justice of the Peace, Wells Spicer," I cannot resist the conclusion that the defendants were fully justified in committing these homicides, that it is a necessary act done in the discharge of official duty. Doc, having fallen on hard times, had borrowed five dollars from Allen. Allen then threatened the physically frail Holliday with a severe beating, at the very least, if the fiver wasn't paid back by the 19th.