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Fate Woman

It is a battle neither side wins, showing that sometimes in order to have harmony there needs to be disharmony. The perfume begins with fizzy bergamot and peppery tones. Beyond this flash of hot spices, Fate Woman presents a classic bouquet of flowers arranged with roses, narcissus and jasmine.

An air of elegance is maintained with animalic notes of leather and castoreum.

Perfume Review: Amouage Fate Woman – The Muse in Wooden Shoes

Fate is indelibly connected to time and for me, Fate Woman makes me fantasize about a bygone era of Parisian Art Deco and crystal beaded dresses full of movement as the bodies they adorn dance the Charleston. For the presentation of these new perfumes Christopher Chong selected a glass finish that has been treated to reflect light with a nacreous effect. Fate Man and Fate Woman are releases that will be available from your local Amouage stockist in the coming months. It is a sweet vanillin powder, nothing overwhelming and no hints of violet or iris. This powder note is often present in perfumes that contain a combination of labdanum and vanilla.

It stays persistently throughout the life of the scent, on my skin at least. Next, we have the incense notes which skillfully adorn the aforementioned spice and vanilla. This prevents the perfume from being a traditional gourmand while still maintaining the sweet aspects of the fragrance. Although I don't get the same obvious leather here that I detect in leather-dominant scents, it appears at the base of Amouage and gives it a very slight animalistic nature.

Do not fear my use of the word animalistic here, for Fate is very far from being overwhelming or off-putting. I was actually afraid to blind buy Fate because the notes suggest a style of traditional fragrance I wouldn't normally be able to pull off, but alas Fate has found me and I couldn't be happier. Amouage Fate is a very different experience for everyone, and like with most perfumes you cannot truly know whether or not it will suit your tastes until you test it. I am partial to woody, spicy, and sweet perfumes myself, and for me it is one of my favorite scents to date.

I can wear it in any weather without feeling suffocated or overwhelmed. Fate manages to find the balance between presence of scent and projection without sacrificing one aspect for the other. The quality of this perfume is superb, and the scent lasts all day albeit going through variations and changes in notes I. Fading of the bergamot and dominance of incense.

I don't find this perfume to be very floral, but this might be because of how floral perfumes interact on my skin. Lastly, I find Fate to be what Amouage does best: Incense and complexity. While the fragrance maintains the individuality of notes, the blending is so refined that it takes you some time to figure out exactly what you are smelling.

Some people fear that Fate may be too old-fashioned for them. I think that Fate is more of a modern take on classic fragrances than anything else.

The leather note is initially barely perceivable, while it becomes a bit more substantial as time passes, together with the civet, slowly bringing Fate towards spicier, more herbal and darker territories. As much elegant and perfectly executed as derivative and boring, in my opinion. First 30 min: "Fate" has gorgeous topnotes. Bergamot, cinnamon, pepper - I love this fresh, exhilarating start.

Fate Woman

The flacon is breathtakingly beautiful. I'm delighted with this stuff - could "Fate" become my first Amouage love? I spray some of it on my coat and on my scarf. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. The friendly shop-assistant makes a small decant for me, because I tell her that - finally- this might be the right Amouage for me.

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After 45 minutes: "Fate" has changed. OMG, I can't stop smelling my scarf and my wrist. What's the ingredient which ruins it? The initial beauty of topnotes and heart is gone. I'm left with some vile note I must needs wash off.