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Flash forward to playing in a band formerly with your former lead guitarist Tom and then going to Full Sail University to pursue my love of recording music and now I'm here, in Music City USA. Throughout the years I've always kept track of ya, seeing what new projects you were into and what good music was coming out of the Northwest. I've always have loved the easter eggs in your songs if you're an Oregonian, hearing tiny town names that only someone who grew up near the coast would know, and the stories that accompanied these awesome songs.

Just wanted to drop a line to say hi and how much I've appreciated your music from the beginning of Falling Up to where you are now. Composing, The Gloomcatcher and The River Empires It's very rare to find music as inspiring, well written and unique as yours and I always seem to come back to songs and each time I listen to them I discover something new each time.

Falling Up

Currently, I am totally hooked on the song "Four" under your project "The Gloomcatcher" and I just love blaring the song and find the instrumental part at the end mesmerizing! Please don't stop making music and continue to share your talents for the world. Because we sure love to listen! Fan from the beginning, and forevermore! However, those of the one element wide variety are typically regarded as being not as effective.

In cases like this, an assortment refers to two or more androgenic hormone or androgenic hormone or testosterone enhancers being used at the same time. Wanted to stop by and wish you well.

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I'm thankful for your music. House Full of Caverns has taken me to new places creatively on multiple occasions and is a go-to tool whenever I'm drawn toward introspection. It's inspired a magical library where sound or touch causes light to fall away from its sources like dust. It's also inspired a Dungeons and Dragons situation where time is held in check by a bard playing music so that the player characters can defend a tavern from physical and metaphysical demonic incursions designed to create chaos and pain in a place of cheer. Jessy, I always love dropping in every few months to see what new things you've created.

Man do I appreciate your talent and sound. A crazy idea of mine would some day be able to produce a short film and use you to produce the score for it. Agradezco a la vida por encontrarte nuevamente. Dios tiene grandes planes para vos y tu familia.

Jessy Ribordy

Mailing List. Jessy Ribordy. It's where I love to create. Thanks for visiting! Music Reel Jessy Ribordy. Reel Murexa Jessy Ribordy. I don't recall a time inthe last two years when theytook a break from touring or recording. All that hard work has paid off in building an extremely loyal fan base onthe road.

Theyare the next break out band and with this new record will surely go to the next level. Ourcreative partnership withMichael "Elvis" Baskette Chevelle , Cold really defined where we wanted to be musically and wherewe wanted togo with this record. We are really excited about sharing it with the fans live.?

This album builds upon the musical foundationsthey established on their debut release and shows an incredible musical growth andmaturity in the band's evolvement. DawnEscapes is the birth of an exciting new musical horizon for Falling Up. Falling Up 4 86 Votes.

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House Full Of Caverns 3. Your Sparkling Death Cometh 3. Fangs 3. A challenge we face is to continue as independently as possible after our campaign is funded.

Falling Up

It is extremely hard work. We will be making phone calls, answering emails, booking interviews, self distributing, self promoting and shipping all of the rewards.

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In the past we used to have a pretty big team doing all of the grunt work for us, but now it's just us. This is the biggest challenge we face, but we are willing to take it in boldness and readiness. Thank you for your trust and patience. We truly do have the greatest fans any band could ask for! Executive Producer Title i. Your name would just be listed as that title, no actual production requirements involved.

Your Own Personal Song - we will write and record a full song and release it only to you.

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You have the choice to either keep it only for you and your friends' ears or make it available for all to hear! Aug 6, - Sep 15, 40 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. New Album. Writing and recording a brand new full length album!

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Get stoked! Falling Up. Last updated October 19, Share this project. Stretch Goals Updated Because we are nearing the end of this campaign and we really wanted the chance to do some re-imagined tracks in addition to our new and final Falling Up album, we are adjusting a new stretch goal.

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