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Some decide to make real money in the private sector like the ex-spies played by Julia Roberts and Clive Owen in this clever thriller written and directed by Tony Gilroy. Why so few showed up to see it at the time remains a mystery, but it deserves to find a second life. If that sounds a lot like another, even more famous Hitchcock film and there will be more about that one, and Hitchcock, below just chalk it up to further support for the auteur theory. Yet Saboteur never plays like a dry run for North by Northwest. Its wartime atmosphere gives it a sense of dread all its own and its set pieces are all doozies, especially the Statue of Liberty climax.

The Spy Who Loved Me Moore gets a bit of a bad rap. By , Moore had made the part his own. Gone were the early attempts to set himself apart by smoking cigars and drinking bourbon. On a hot streak, Predator and Die Hard director John McTiernan keeps ratcheting up the tension as his two leads get closer to each other, building to a climax that, at the time at least, played like a farewell to American and Russian enmity.

Like Casino Royale , it confirmed that, with the right tools, Craig could fully reinvent the venerable spy for contemporary times. Top Secret! His methods: charm everyone he meets and stab everyone who figures him out. An adaptation of a Ken Follett novel, the film follows the Needle on a bloody cross-country journey to escape back to Germany with some vital secrets in hand, then slows down the action when he washes up on a sparsely populated island and seduces the unsuspecting at first Lucy Kate Nelligan , a neglected wife. Mission: Impossible — Fallout The sixth entry in the Mission: Impossible series and the second in a row to be directed by Christopher McQuarrie , Fallout attempts to up the stakes in every way.

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Munich Steven Spielberg explores the psychic toll of living in the moral murk of espionage via the story of a group of Mossad agents charged with finding and killing the Palestinian terrorists behind the massacre of members of the Israeli team at the Munich Olympics. Spy Melissa McCarthy plays a desk-bound, overlooked CIA agent who unexpectedly gets the call-up after the apparent death of her flashy partner Jude Law. She also has help from a gifted supporting cast whose standouts include Rose Byrne and Jason Statham, in a pitiless spoof of the sort of macho tough-guy roles he normally takes.

Foreign Correspondent Though it eventually went all-in in supporting the war effort, Hollywood was shy about calling out Nazi Germany until the U. Germans, after all, went to the movies, too. Isolationist senators even held a Senate subcommittee to investigate the presence of pro-war sentiment in Hollywood movies as late as September of The only problem: Connery left the series after the previous film, leading the merely adequate George Lazenby to take over.

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When Connery came back a few years later after Lazenby walked away, he was stuck with the so-so Diamonds Are Forever , making it that much harder not to ponder what might have been. The film whisks through various plot convolutions, but the real attraction is the sharp dialogue David Mamet co-writes the script , the tense scenes of spycraft in practice, and action sequences that Frankenheimer must have been waiting his whole career to shoot. Goldfinger With its third entry, the James Bond series found the formula it would repeat without really topping for years to come.

Trading in the relative realism of From Russia With Love , Goldfinger brings in gadgets and flashy cars galore as Bond matches wits with a gold-obsessed supervillain with a colorful henchman and plans for Fort Knox. Everything about Goldfinger is bigger and flashier than in previous entries. But it all works here, and the scene pitting Bond against a laser almost single-handedly launched the spy-fi subgenre. The Spook Who Sat by the Door Without warning, he quits the agency and returns to Chicago, where he starts converting gang members into freedom fighters to foment an uprising.

But, apart from some janky-looking special effects in the climactic sequence, the whole movie hangs together brilliantly, setting a high standard for the sequels. But time has had a way of blurring such distinctions, revealing depths in his thrillers that Greene himself may not have seen at the time. Released in the midst of World War II, the film stars Ray Milland as a man who leaves an asylum only to find himself roped into a Nazi plot to steal English secrets — simply by guessing the correct weight of a cake at a charity fair.

Lang uses the film to explore how paranoia can distort reality, and how living in a state in which no one can be trusted can feel a lot like insanity. Pollack delivers some standout suspense scenes, but the best moments feature Redford wandering the New York streets and realizing anyone could be a threat.

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Sometimes paranoia is just another form of self defense. The Bourne Supremacy Paul Greengrass pioneered a handheld, close-to-the-action shooting style with the film Bloody Sunday , a re-creation of the Bloody Sunday incident in Northern Ireland. He took that approach mainstream via this first sequel to The Bourne Identity , proving it could give action movies a different sort of energy. Greengrass would return to the series twice more, first with The Bourne Ultimatum in , then with Jason Bourne in In the first of his several outings as Palmer, Michael Caine is put-upon and bogged down with paperwork.

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London might have been swinging for other residents, but Palmer still lived in a neighborhood filled with post-War deprivation. He wears thick spectacles, has dubious-looking teeth, and has presumably consumed many a stale beer. Burn After Reading A Coen brothers riff on the spy genre, Burn After Reading is filled with self-mythologizing drunks, unskilled opportunists, and borderline morons.

Each of them loses track of a CD filled with secrets, and some end up dying in the stupidest possible ways because of their incompetence.

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Army of Shadows There are films that get overlooked, and there are masterpieces that go unrecognized in their own time. The 39 Steps The former finds Hitchcock coming into his own as the creator of tense, fast-paced, cleverly plotted thrillers, following Richard Hannay Robert Donat , a wrongly accused man yep, another one of those , as he traipses from London to Scotland and back again while trying to unmask a mysterious organization trying to steal British military secrets. The Lady Vanishes proved Hitchcock could be just as effective in tighter quarters.

Set largely aboard a train, it finds Iris Henderson Margaret Lockwood facing a sanity-challenging scenario when she discovers that an elderly recent acquaintance has seemingly disappeared as they traveled together on a transcontinental train journey, a disappearance others seem not to have noticed. Both films are breathlessly entertaining, revealing a director seemingly capable of drawing thrills out of any setting and the years to come would find Hitchcock challenging himself on this front again and again.

Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol Until Christopher McQuarrie followed Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation with Mission: Impossible — Fallout , the series had worked through a rotating series of high-profile directors, some of whom fared better than others. Abrams confirmed he could make the leap from television to film with the very good Mission: Impossible III. If anything, Bird over-delivered, transporting a gift for dynamic action scenes from his animated films to create the best action movie of this century, from a film-opening prison break through a nausea-inducing trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa and beyond.

He spent the first decades of the Cold War working in British intelligence, growing increasingly frustrated as the years piled up and channeling that frustration into a novel that depicts espionage as a dehumanizing occupation unfit for anyone with a conscience. Directed by Martin Ritt and starring Richard Burton, the film adaptation opens and closes on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall, and its grimmest suggestion is that both are controlled by amoral forces willing to sell out any principle and sacrifice as many pawns as necessary to secure power.

Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. The letters shimmered on the plain of the yellowed paper, the moisture in his eyes fogging the squiggles into botches. Letters birthed by an ancient East German typewriter, standard issue. David Ward coughed. He was alone in the basement room eight years after the fall of the Berlin Wall had brought down the Stasi. A black trim wig enclosed his blond longish hair. One of those ridiculous German hats with the little feathers, as if he were about to climb the Zugspitze, held itself up next to the file.

He had even padded his flat midriff with a cushion of cloth — the typical beer belly. He could be mistaken for a gastarbeiter — foreign worker — or one of those worker drones of the former German Democratic Republic. His clothes concealed his weapons. He pushed his disguise glasses farther up the bridge of his nose, then rose to return the file. He had people to see. Interesting characters, great interaction, too soon to end!

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Shannon Hines: Some spelling mistakes and missed words. Otherwise this book is awesome. Alisha Akther: I really enjoy the past scenes and idk i feel like the present scenes are missing something I have read the previous book and i just know this one has something really good in it.

Sara Christianson: This one has got my head spinning. There is never a dull moment which I love keep up the good work! The middle part kind of feels like being dragged though. Anyways keep up the good work. Sara Elizabeth Lloyd: I absolutely loved reading this story. It was absolutely amazing.

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It was written awesomely. I wish you would continue just their story. I just wish authors would number the series in order to read in sequence. There are a lot of grammar errors in this book.